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Embedded Software Engineer, Linux Platforms

We are looking for an embedded software engineer, linux platform, to improve our current code base, add new features to products and develop new projects.

We build the software platform (kernel, bootchain, drivers, and lower level userspace platform services) for our innovative hardware. Our software is based on Linux, GNU toolchain, buildroot, and other open source projects, delivering the security, capability, and performance demanded by our user experience.


  • Write well structured, testable, efficient, and maintainable code
  • Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
  • Tailor and deploy software tools, processes and metrics
  • Use existing available hardware in innovative ways to solve problems
  • Board bringup and hardware design validation
  • Deploy software incrementally to meet very fast paced development
  • Develop software tests and continuous integration for your code
  • Support factory provisioning, test, and improvements
  • Assess and document new product feasibility


  • 2+ years embedded software and/or firmware development experience
  • 2+ years experience with Embedded Linux and/or Android development
  • Systems Software experience
  • Excellent C/C++ coding skills
  • Strong build, debug and test skills
  • Comfortable using hardware debug tools (DMM, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers) and software debug tools (GDB, KGDB, JTAG)
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills


  • Strong Linux kernel fundamentals, Linux internals
  • Experience developing device drivers
  • Upstream contributions to Linux Kernel
  • Contributions to involvement with open source projects
  • Experience with bootloaders and recovery OS development
  • Experience with RTOS or bare-metal embedded development
  • Experience as sysadmin

Interested candidates should get in touch directly with