Prism 2.5 – 28/02/2022

  • Added support for Cluster 10
  • Revised balancing algorithm for better power management
  • Added configuration wizard for WiFI
  • Management of 10 Prism Solar in a unified way
  • Authentication via RFID CARD for cluster 10
  • Optimized communication between Prism and MySilla
  • Added local session report on Prism

Prism 2.2 – 05/11/2021

  • Added support for Arera experimentation
  • Added configuration wizard for the electrical installation part (BETA)

Prism 2.1 – 11/07/2021

  • Added function for activating recharging via RFID key in case of disabled autostart
  • Added new association procedure for RFID keys – it is possible to associate new RFID keys through the “setup” page -> settings -> RFID management (see image Prism 2_1 – RFID association)
  • Added reload authorization button in Prism’s local interface
  • Fixed bugs that caused the setup interface to crash when saving in some cases
  • Improved MQTT communication
  • Fixed communication problem with Powerwall version 21.20.2
  • Added “photovoltaic available” option in the balance settings page
  • Improved update procedure

Prism 2.0a – 22/03/2021

  • Update to OpenWRT version 19.07
    • improved stability of the system and WiFi connection
    • security fix
  • New design
    • grouping of options
    • simplified interface for configuration
    • available languages: English and Italian
  • Improvement of the balancing algorithm
  • Added authentication to the Powerwall interface
  • Fixed MQTT communication bugs
  • Arrangement for ARERA experimentation

Only for Prism V2 (with serial Axxxxx and fw v0.131):

  • Added option to disable touch key
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Sounds can be deactivated
  • Button can be disabled
  • Overcurrent error indication on LED
  • Improved RS485 communication stability for three-phase balancing
  • Improved compatibility with Tesla Model 3
  • Mode change even when the car is disconnected
  • Various bugfixes

Prism 1.4a – 13/10/2020

  • New section in the settings page for manual Prism update
  • Touch controls:
    • mode change (normal / solar)
    • charging pause
  • New household load balancing system
  • Integration with Tesla Powerwall V2
  • Display of the local IP of Prism
  • Saving the recharging current set by the user
  • Improved compatibility with Tesla Model 3
  • Improved temperature management
  • Improved remote control interface and app
  • System security updates
  • User MQTT
    • changed topic names
    • added topics for touch and knock commands, and power measurements detected
    • improved client reliability