Become an authorized installer of Prism electric car chargers

We are building our own network of authorized installers to cover our customers requests in Italy. Are you interested in being one of us? We can offer you the opportunity to be registered in our Authorized Silla Installer list and to receive users request for Prism. You will take part into a training concerning the characteristics of our products, the installation techniques of charging stations and chargers for electric cars so that every installation stands for one more satisfied client.

How can you become an authorized Silla installer?

The fundamental requirement is to have an installation entreprise of electric and photovoltaic systems in accordance to the law. Each installation has to be done properly providing also the compliance certificate or any other mandatory document.

We do not want to force you to fill out online forms to send us your application. You can just write an e-mail to where you briefly describe your business and attach a recent Chamber of Commerce registration.

See you soon!