More sustainable, starting with Prism’s packaging

Simplified recycling, limited raw material consumption, and reduced weight are some of the positive
effects of changes in packaging toward a more environmentally sustainable choice. What has changed in the packaging of Prism?

A choice close to our values. Commitment to innovation also comes this way.

Compared to the first shipments, when Silla Industries was starting to become a reality and the first orders reached customers, Prism packaging has changed.

To encourage the consumption and usage of increasingly eco-friendly packaging is one of the goal Europe set within the scope of the Green Deal.

The proposed revision of EU legislation on packaging and packaging waste has three main purposes:

  • Prevent the generation of packaging waste and reduce the amount of packaging waste;
  • Make all packaging in the EU market recyclable in an economically sustainable way by 2030;
  • Reduce the need for primary natural resources and create a well-functioning market for secondary raw materials by increasing the use of recycled plastics in packaging.

However, besides complying with European regulations, the priority is the positive impact this change can
have on our Planet.

This aspect occupies a priority place on the scale of our values for companies like Silla Industries which works to support green transition.

Prism is packaged, today, by eco-sustainable packaging

Prism’s packaging: low-impact packaging, several environmental benefits

What advantageous outcome can bring the different choice in packaging and the packaging itself? The answer is more than one!

As far as we are concerned, the shift to a wrap more in line with EU goals, that is a low-impact and more eco-friendly packaging, has resulted in several positive effects.

Simplified recycling

The raw material that makes up Prism new wrapping makes it easier to recycle, as it reduces the plasticized components of the package.

Limited raw material consumption

As compared to the previous solution, thanks to Prism new packaging we succeced in lowering the wrapping volume by 42%.

Low weight

The resulting weight reduction allowed us to switch from a 9Kg package to a 7Kg one, product included.
This change not only makes the shelving more streamlined but it also significantly lowers waste and energy costs during transportation.