the carefree recharge
  • we choose for you the most suitable loaders for your facility
  • we have them professionally installed and tested
  • We handle recharge payments on your behalf
  • And we take care of motorist assistance

Clear. Simple. Brilliant.

the Silla Industries’ initiative that…
  • offers a recharge service without being tied to any circuit
  • freely manages recharge amounts paid by credit card without having to worry about collections
  • handles payments and assistance to motorists

Reloads in freedom

Motorists wishing to recharge at these columns do NOT have to have any kind of subscription, or card, nor do they have to go to the company or the front desk to pick up a card in order to start recharging-none of this is necessary anymore. Simply take a picture of the QR code on each pillar and pay by credit card. Absolute freedom.

A long list of benefits

  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate solution
  • guarantee of correct installation
  • Immediate operation of the installed station
  • Support for activation and management of the charging station
  • No daily accounting for charging service, only one bill per month
  • Freedom to choose the selling price per kWh and how much power to devote to the charging station
  • the company does not have to give assistance to the motorist, we take care of it
  • solution compatible with charging their own employees in the company, who can receive an RFID card to “bypass” the payment system
  • the company retains ownership and availability of the land, does not have to grant use to third parties, the installed station belongs to it in full.

Prism Basic, Solar and Twin: the smart charger

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Prism works with all electric cars, including plug-ins. In fact, the Type 2 connector, or Type 2 socket, is the standard for all cars in Europe.


It doesn’t matter how powerful your meter is. Each Prism is equipped with sensors that adjust charging power according to available energy, never again interruptions due to overcharging.


Prism Solar and Solar Twin are born with integrated solar energy management, using excess solar energy to recharge the car instead of releasing it to the grid.


Prism Solar and Solar Twin can be connected to the Internet to be managed remotely via the webapp.


Using the RFID keys provided, or cards available as an accessory, only authorized persons can make a recharge.


With the free Horeca service, or the payment management service, offering the recharge service to your customers is an extra source of income.


Conceived, designed,developed and entirely produced in Padua, Italy. Which is simply great.


Prompt delivery, within a few days of your order arrives at your home or business.