Prism: the universal charger for e-mobility.

Prism Solar front
Auto in carica in garage con Prism Solar

Prism recharges your electric car using the excess power produced by your solar panels.

When your photovoltaic system produces more energy than you are consuming, the excess is transferred to the power network which usually pays off quite little. Prism is smart though: it reads your production and home consumption of electricity. When your photovoltaic system produces more than your home needs, it uses excess energy to charge your car. Clever, right?

Do you have an energy storage system?

Prism works perfectly combined with a storage system, such as Tesla Powerwall: an excellent combination for electric charging vehicles.

What if I don’t have a solar system yet?

In this case, Prism also helps you save as much electricity taken from the grid as possible (the power network). In fact, Prism allows you to program the charging time as you wish, even if you still don’t have solar panels and you charge your electric car with energy from the grid. For example: when you are back home you can immediately connect your car to Prism, but if you program it like that, the charge starts only at the time you set it (it is better to set it at night, when hourly rates are cheaper) allowing you to save a lot on electricity costs. So in the morning your electric car will be fully charged and ready for another day of work. Energy saved for the environment & money saved on your electricity bill!

Prism is suitable for any electric meter.

Prism manages the power at hand on your electric meter and automatically regulates the charge provided to the car without ever exceeding the power actually available. So…there’s no risk that the main switch intervenes, leaving you in the dark.

Prism is also a universal charger that can supply up to 7.4kW in single-phase or up to 22kW in three-phase. Maybe your electric meter does not currently support these powers, but if you decide to boost the power in the future, Prism will adapt to the energy available. A forward-looking investment.

Always reachable from your smartphone. Or from your computer.

You don’t need to go to your garage to find out what Prism is doing, all information is available on Prism’s APP or on your computer.

It’s also available in the cloud for accessing your information even when you are not at home, but your car is. And it’s charging.

Prism brings WiFi to your garage

To reach Prism from your smartphone or computer is very convenient but not mandatory: Prism works even without a network connection and therefore without remote access. If you bring an ethernet cable from your home router to Prism, Prism is going to turn into a HotSpot so you can have WiFi connection even in the garage. It is useful for firmware updates of your electric car or to install an IP video surveillance camera. Cool, right?

It works with all electric cars, plugins too.

Prism is universal, it is compatible with all Type 2 connector cars, which is the standard in Europe. You can use it to charge both fully electric – BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and … plug-in hybrid – PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

But… is it safe?

Completely. Not only Prism is IP65, which means it is protected against waves and rain, but it is also CE-marked according to IEC61851-1.
It also contains a differential switch which interrupts the supply of energy at the first sign of malfunctioning.
So… yes, it is definitely safe.

Proudly made in Europe

Prism is the universal charger for electric vehicles. Conceived, designed,developed and entirely produced in Padua, Italy. Which is simply great.