An installation performed according to the Rule of Art is as important as the quality of the charging infrastructure.

Even the best product has to be installed correctly, in accordance with current regulations, in order to really get the best out of its features, safely.

We have three different, but equally functional, solutions for you to install your Prism charging column or charging column cluster.
And the installation also includes initial configuration so that you can take advantage of all the features of your new charging infrastructure right away.


If you are considering the purchase of one or more charging stations and want to make sure that they are then installed correctly, our service is definitely the right option for you, because it combines in one package the sale of the charging station, its installation and, if you wish, also the management of recharge payments.

Through our network of installers

Our experienced technicians know our products inside out, having installed stations in countless homes and businesses. Let us know what you need and we can find the best solution.

Clearly, our partners only install Silla Industries products, ça va sans dire 🙂

With your trusted electrician

Sometimes the best option is to work with those who you know and trust. If your electrician isn’t familiar with Prism, get them to contact us directly, or they can find manuals and tutorials on our site and YouTube channel.