is the complete package. It includes charging station, installation and credit card payment management, no need to join a network. Maximum freedom, maximum ROI.

Stress-free charging

We’ll take care of credit card payments on your behalf – no being tied to a network. includes charging station(s), professional installation and payment management.
Participating businesses not only get one or more charging stations with two outlets, but with a low monthly payment per outlet maintenance is included. And that’s without joining a charging network—all this is in the company’s name.

Drivers who want to charge their cars at these stations DON’T need any type of membership, card or even go and ask for a card at reception to charge their car; they can charge and go.

Prism Solar in garage is the most practical solution for staff parking, company car fleets, hotels, businesses and apartment buildings.

Each outlet has its own QR code. The driver just needs to scan the code of the outlet they wish to use and add their email address and credit card or PayPal details. Nothing more.
Afterwards an email will be sent to the address provided with a payment receipt.

At the end of each month your business will receive a summary of all charges with the corresponding total kWh and cost. You then issue an invoice to Silla, who will retain a small commission on the total amount.

Businesses that sign up to will earn a percentage from charges at their stations without dealing with payments and issuing receipts. Everything is taken care of by
Price per kWh is decided by the business via can also be activated for previously installed and single configuration Prism Solar charging stations.
The activation procedure for Prism Solar stations with QR code and those without is slightly different, though in both cases it’s easily done through


The cost of this service is extremely low, activation is quick and easy, and billing can be broken down as follows:

  • a fixed maintenance fee of € 8.00 + VAT for each QR code activated (i.e., for each outlet activated using without a huge commitment – you can cancel it at any time;
  • a commission on charges to cover the cost of the service and customer assistance (where nothing is required from your end) of 15% + VAT on the price charged.

To set up go to Don’t forget that you decide the kWh price!

Activate now includes:

  • assistance with deciding on the best option for your business, from two 22kW outlets
  • professional standard installation up to 20 m from the energy meter (digging or building work not included)
  • set up and inspection of the charging station
  • setting the selling price per kWh
  • payment assistance for drivers
  • just one invoice per month, issued by us, net our commission
  • 10 RFID cards for your staff to “bypass” the payment system

With you retain ownership and usage of the land, no need to grant use to third parties, the installed station belongs to you.

Frequently Asked Questions