OEM wallbox production

Alongside the traditional range of electric car charging stations, we produce customized OEM wallboxes for Italian and foreign customers.

We have always designed and built OEM wallboxes.

Silla Industries’ Prism Range of EVSE, known as wallboxes or charging stations, was introduced in 2017 by Cristiano Griletti and Alberto Stecca.

At the time the options available on the market were still in their infancy, with basic features and not always of a high standard.

The Prism project was created to offer electric and hybrid car owners a device that combines excellent performance and good functionality at a competitive price.

As well as our own branded products, we also provide OEM wallbox solutions for companies looking to add charging stations to their product ranges.

The experience gained over years of constant development has led us to create a hardware and software platform that enables us to produce custom OEM solutions with fast production times from design to manufacturing moulds to the finished product.

Some examples of custom-built charging stations

Moreover, the consistent rise in production volumes means we now have a team of 40 people at our 2,200 m2 workspace complete with production plant, lab and offices, able to meet high demand.

Our ad-hoc production can be realized by simple graphic customization of the front cover of normal Prisms chosen from those available in our shop to offer a charger with basic or top-of-the-line features, with very little or no investment (depending on quantity).

OEM wallbox production

Alongside the normal production we design and produce wallboxes with a completely different design, according to the customer’s specifications, where the Prism electronics can be the standard one inserted into the new casing, or made ad-hoc. Clearly, we take care of the design and manufacture of the necessary molds.

OEM charging station electronics are available with a range of features to choose from, including:

  • Weather protection up to IP65
  • Single or dual outlet, up to 22kW AC
  • Cable and connector or socket and shutter
  • Load balancing sensors
  • Chain2 compatibility
  • MID certified
  • Solar powered
  • Compatible with solar battery storage
  • Ethernet, WiFi and LTE connectivity
  • Cluster Installation
  • RFID reader
  • MQTT, OCPP 1.6 json and proprietary APIs
  • Communication via ISO15118 and Plug & Charge
  • Management portal for stations and users
  • OTA updates

Our R&D department carries out accurate analysis to ensure compliance with supply and testing specifications, while the production team uses a testing line to check every single product.

Acea, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, estimates that nearly 35 million AC charging devices will be needed by 2030, alongside public DC charging devices, to meet the growing needs of the transition to electric mobility.
Choosing an OEM wallbox allows you to add a complete solution to your catalog that you can offer to your customers, quickly and with certainty.

For more information or to schedule a demo of the Prism range: sales@silla.industries