Energy Hub 149

More needs and one response. Energy Hub 149 sum up in a cutting-edge and single-brand solution multiple technologies that contribute to a smarter management of energy, consumption and domestic communication.

Energy Hub 149: energy, management and communication all in one

We are going towards an expanding electrification process which will require technology to provide for clients’ increasingly necessities. In agreement with this perspective the number of devices that are part of the domestic and business environment of energy management is naturally destined to grow. There are going to be more products that the user will have to buy, to learn how to use, to care for and that won’t always know how to efficiently communicate with each other especially if they are developed by different brands. How can we get the most out of every device without having to face an exaggerated price (both of purchase and usage)? Without wasting resources?

In the last few months we have worked on launching a product destined to stand out on the landscape of advanced electronics. Satisfied with the results of the first tests, we are pleased to announce the debut of Energy Hub 149, the only centre for consumption and communication management of the house.

Versatile and Amazing

It incorporates the features of different devices into one and it is a limited investment considering the multiplicity of actions it performs and the practicality it guarantees. It is a solar inverter, a storage system, a charger for Type 2 connector electric cars, a UPS that ensures network connection even in case of sudden disconnection or black-out and also a router for the Internet connection of the whole house. In short, it is a treasure chest that collects a multitude of wonders in terms of functionalities. Moreover, by following the principles that led us, we did not settle for less and we thought about today with an eye pointed towards tomorrow.

Energy Hub 149
Energy Hub 149 energy, management and communication all in one

Energy Hub reveals the future

Just like all our products, our novelties can also be defined as future proof. An example of this is bi-directionalty of recharging (indicated by the acronym V2G, V2H), which is a topic meant to become the core of the debate on e-mobility and energetic sustainability as vehicles engineering will start producing a great number of cars that can interact one to one with the domestic storage and vice versa. By that time, Energy Hub 149 will be ready to partake in the revolutionary process of clean energy exchange between car battery and storage home system.

Which are the perfect places for Energy Hub 149?

Which are the contexts to fully exploit the potential of 149 and which circumstances it is recommended to install it in as soon as possible?

  • In new high-efficiency energetic constructions as well as all the energetic improvement or renovation.
  • With or without a photovoltaic system as well as in the presence or in the absence of an electric car since Energy Hub 149 can be the hub of management and control of consumption. It also guarantees power in case of black-out thanks to its storage system. If the user decides to install devices such as a photovoltaic system and/or an electric car following 149 setup, it would be ready to work at its best.
  • In residential and business environments as the capacity of storage batteries can be modified depending on needs.
  • In Smart Homes, Energy Hub 149 speaks KNX, the language of home automation.

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