Install 10 to 50 charging stations in the same facility

How to connect multiple Prism Solar charging stations in the same facility by balancing energy between charging cars and identifying users by card.

Solar range charging columns can clearly be installed in a single configuration, which is the most common configuration in residential and domestic settings, but there are situations where it is necessary to have multiple Prisms connected to the same system, under the same meter.

Wanting to give some practical examples where it is necessary to have installed multiple charging stations in the same facility we could mention: businesses, restaurants, hotel facilities or parking lots. Classic situations where it proves necessary for charging stations to be able to talk to each other in order to optimize the management of loads, dividing the available energy among the various Prisms, and to be able to recognize the user or customer who has started the charging session through the use of cards and the reader fitted as standard in all Solar Prisms.

How many charging columns do you need? 1, 10 o 50? No problem we still have a solution for you

There are three types of installation available:

  • Single installation:
    This is the normal installation of 1 charging column. You can usually find it in home, residential or small business settings; everything you need comes with Prism, including the sensor for load balancing
  • Installation of charging stations in Cluster 10 configuration:
    This is the solution that allows you to have up to 10 charging points for electric cars. This type of installation involves one Prism acting as the Main and up to 9 additional Prisms acting as Secondaries, controlled by the Main Prism. Everything needed to install Prism Solar in a Cluster 10 is already provided with Prism, including the sensor for load balancing. The Main Prism will use the sensor as if it were in a single installation and manage the Secondary Prisms (up to 9) through the local network connection (using a wired connection via a small switch is strongly recommended)
  • Installazione delle colonnine di ricarica in configurazione Cluster 50:
    Questa è la soluzione che consente di avere fino a 50 punti di ricarica per auto elettriche.

The use of a Cluster 10 or Cluster 50 installation is conceptually similar to that of a Solar Prism with 10 or 50 charging ports :-), and retains all the features already present in a Solar Prism in a single installation, with emphasis on:

  • load balancing management
    a Cluster 10 or Cluster 50 installation always divides the available power among the connected cars and manages the total power delivered to the cars so that it never exceeds the power available at the meter, to avoid circuit breaker tripping and subsequent blackouts.
  • identification of users by card
    each card is named and allows the owner of that card to be charged the cost of the recharge, while always leaving it up to the facility owner to decide the amount to be charged.
    It is a solution that lends itself to corporate charging points, where each employee with an electric car has his or her own card, or in hotels and agritourisms, where each room is paired with a charging card, thus allowing the charging cost to be charged correctly.
  • detailed reporting through offers reporting by single recharge session or by different groupings, such as sessions for a single card within a certain time period, while also calculating the cost to be charged based on the amount configured by the facility owner