Prism Solar as a cluster

Ideal for sites used by a number of individuals. A small apartment block, a hotel or a company car park, for example. Find out more about cluster installation of Prism Solar.

Charging several electric vehicles at once is possible. With a multiple (or cluster) installation of Prism Solar charging points, it can be done without disruptive inverventions.

What is a cluster installation of charging columns for electric vehicles? A station consisting of a series of charging points, allowing several people to charge their vehicles simultaneously.

It’s particularly useful in small apartment blocks, hotels or company car parks seeking to offer charging facilities for their residents or employees. In this article we’ll take a detailed look at the cluster installation supplied by Silla Industries.

A solution that aims to be:

  • non-invasive in terms of installation,
  • simple to use.

Charge several electric vehicles simultaneously at home, at work or in a hotel. This is the goal of multiple installation.

Every Prism Solar included in a charging station retains its own functional characteristics. However, only one of the Prisms – the primary one – controls the operation of the other, secondary Prisms. As we’ll see below, this fact is useful when it comes to understanding how multiple installation works.

How to instal up to 5 wallboxes: Cluster5 by Silla Industries

An installation of a maximum of 5 Prism Solar points does not require any additional accessories. The ammeter sensors supplied with every model of Prism Solar control the operation and monitor the strength of the electric current used, up to 100 amps.

Entry-level multiple installation is therefore extremely easy to do and requires no additional hardware separate from the individual chargers.

As always, installation should be carried out by qualified personnel, and a certificate of conformity issued.

what does the Silla Industries solar cluster consist of?
Charge up to 30 electric vehicles with a cluster installation

Cluster30 installation, to charge up to 30 electric vehicles

Charge up to 30 electric vehicles using Prism Solar technology. This type of solution is called Cluster30. Unlike the basic station (maximum 5 Prism Solar units), it requires the addition of a series of sensors with maximum capacity of 1000A (compared to the 100A supported by the sensors supplied with the product).

Physically different, starting with their larger size, the SENS1000 sensors make the primary Prism Solar able to coordinate the activity of the secondary units (up to a maximum of 29) and handle a considerable level of current.

The SENS1000 sensors therefore ensure the multiple installation works efficiently and safely. This type of installation also requires the attention of a professional installer.

SENS1000 sensor for a cluster of 30
Left, SENS1000, the sensor that monitors the intensity of the current up to 1000A. Right, a sensor with capacity of 100A.

HoReCa by Silla Industries, the service for business owners

Expanding the range of services offered to guests is an attractive proposition for hospitality settings and more. One of these additional services is the provision of one or more wallboxes for electric vehicle charging.

The HoReCa service is at its most useful with a multiple installation such as the Cluster5 or the Cluster30.

Exclusively when used with Prism Solar, the Silla Horeca service allows you to:

  • set a price per kWh for electricity delivered to charge customers’ vehicles
  • record and evaluate every charging session, calculating the total kWh delivered and the price of individual sessions
  • allocate each session to a customer (useful for B&Bs or hotels where visitors stay several days and use the charging service more than once)
  • group several sessions for a single customer and calculate an overall total payable (this is possible for business owners who have a VAT number)
  • print a non-fiscal receipt for the customer’s charging session(s) (subsequently issuing a normal receipt, tax receipt or invoice)
  • print a summary of charging sessions delivered by Prism Solar

Contact us now to install an electric vehicle charging station on your premises, domestic or business, and discover all the potential of the additional HoReCa service!