The HoReCa Service

The electric vehicle charging service designed for hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues.

Offering a charging service for electric vehicles is an extremely attractive proposition for anyone whose customers stay for an hour or more, such as gyms or restaurants, or for hospitality settings wishing to provide the service to their customers.

In fact, anyone with a VAT number can sell electricity for the sole purpose of charging electric cars, obviously in compliance with applicable technical and fiscal legislation.

Of course the service can also be provided free of charge in order to attract customers, but offering it subject to payment of a fee chosen independently by the provider is a good revenue opportunity.

The Silla HoReca service allows you to:

  • set a price per kWh for electricity delivered to charge customers’ vehicles
  • record and evaluate every charging session, calculating the total kWh delivered and the price of individual sessions
  • allocate each session to a customer (useful for B&Bs or hotels where visitors stay several days and use the charging service more than once)
  • group together several sessions for one customer, giving an overall total payable
  • print a non-fiscal receipt for the customer’s charging session(s) (subsequently issuing a normal receipt, tax receipt or invoice)
  • print a summary of charging sessions delivered by Prism Solar


  • the HoReCa Service can only be activated on Prism Solar Single Phase or Prism Solar Three Phase, it is NOT available for Prism Basic;
  • the Horeca service requires the Prism Solar Single-phase or Three-phase to be connected to the internet; they DO NOT work without this;
  • an account is required on, and the Prism Solar on which the Horeca service is to be activated must already be registered;
  • the HoReCa service is activated directly from