Prism Basic single-phase

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Prism Basic contains all the essential functions to charge an electric car:

  • 230V single-phase version, for charging powers up to 7.4kW (depending on the meter to which it is connected)
  • Supplied with a 5mt cable (even if you park the car with the charging door far from Prism, the cable still reaches the car)
  • Suitable for any single-phase electric-meter, of any power (a 3kW meter is enough and when you boost the power of the electricity-meter, Prism Basic will be ready to provide even more power)
  • It automatically regulates consumption to avoid electric grid disconnection (you will never have to reset the electricity-meter because of excessive absorption)
  • The 5mt cable has a Type2 connector (the standard in Europe)
  • Supplied with load-balancing sensor
  • It can be easily upgraded to Prism Solar even after purchasing it, simply by replacing its front cover with the RFID Smart Cover (available as a separate accessory). Doing so you get all the functions of a Prism Solar
  • Resistant to rain and water jets, IP65 protection rating
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Prism Basic single-phase have many of the basic characteristics that the other range of Prism products have. In its compact and elegant prism-shaped container it incorporates the essential functions of a wall charger designed for an electric car.

Prism Basic single-phase – technical features:

Suitable for any single-phase meter, of any power
this means that it can also be connected to electric meters with lower power (e.g 3kW), so it will still allow the management of the charge of an electric car ,obviously, only up to the maximum power supplied by the meter. But if you decide to boost the power of the electric-meter, your Prism Basic will already be able to handle the new amount of power.

It automatically regulates the consumption to avoid disconnection from the grid (blackouts at home)
regardless of the electric-meter installed, Prism Basic single-phase automatically regulates the power provided to the car, measuring the energy absorbed by the rest of the house. In this way, the electric-meter does not have to intervene because of overloads caused by the charge of your electric car. Prism will never leave you without electricity at home; a load-balancing sensor is supplied with Prism.

Equipped with a 5mt Type2 connector cable
type 2 connectors are the standard in Europe. Meaning: no compatibility problems; the supplied cable is 5mt, so it can reach your electric car even when parked with the charging flap far from the wall.

Already equipped with a RCM (Residual Current Monitor)
there’s no need to add this type of protection for AC / DC current during its installation because every Prism Basic single-phase already has it in order to ensure maximum safety and to minimize installation costs; We don’t “save” on safety.

It can be upgraded to Prism Solar single-phase
even after purchasing and installing it Prism Basic can be upgraded to single-phase Prism Solar gaining all the technical features. You can simply do it by replacing the front cover supplied with our RFID Smart Cover (sold separately as an accessory). Why does this come in handy? Well, after buying a Prism Basic, if you decide to add a photovoltaic system or an internet connection for Prism, the investment you made when purchasing Prism Basic was not in vain.

Single-phase Prism Basic has everything you need to charge an electric car, but it lacks the electronics to manage the extra amount of energy produced by a photovoltaic system and it lacks internet connection (both Wi-Fi and ethernet cable), so it cannot be remotely managed. These features can be added later by purchasing a RFID Smart Cover. These features can be added later by purchasing a RFID Smart Cover.