RFID Smart Cover for Prism Basic

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The RFID Smart Cover allows you to upgrade Prism Basic to Prism Solar RFID single phase, gaining all the features not originally provided. By replacing the standard front cover of Prism Basic with the RFID Smart Cover, the charger retains all the original features of Prism Basic, but it also gets:

  • The management of the excess energy produced by a photovoltaic system. Prism uses it to recharge the car instead of sending it to the electricity network
  • Possibility to work with an energy storage system, such as a Powerwall
  • The connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet
  • The possibility to be managed via smartphone, desktop and cloud
  • The integration of RFID reader


The RFID Smart Cover for Prism Basic is an accessory that allows you to transform Prism Basic into a single-phase RFID Prism Solar with all its features.

The replacement is very easy: It consists in removing the cover supplied with Prism Basic in order to replace it with the RFID Smart Cover and connecting the base with the cover through the connector already provided.

The RFID Smart Cover contains the components and functions of Prism Solar RFID, the most complete Prism version. The RFID Smart Cover contains: the microprocessor for the load management and the excess production of a photovoltaic system, the network card, Wi-Fi module, RFID reader, firmware for direct connection to Prism and for the access to the cloud and moreover for the programming of charging per time slot.