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Silla Industries and electric mobility

Silla Industries, born from the Cartender experience, is a young Italian start-up founded by Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti.

United by the love for cars, technology and efficiency, we have a common and complementary path of excellence that has led us to discover the value of electric mobility among the first ones in Italy. At the heart of the Silla project, there is in fact the ability to bring innovation to the electric mobility sector with the goal of contributing to the development of a world increasingly cleaner, efficient and more sustainable.

Based in Padua (Italy), Silla Industries develops innovative products for the e-mobility sector and for energy management both for the consumer market and for large Italian and international groups. Our first and most famous product is Prism, a complete control and management hub between the user and his electric car, and also between the available energy sources and communication channels.

Being one of the finalists at the Hackday of 2019 in USA, Prism has won great attention by spreading for its uniqueness as “the charging station with innovative features” throughout the world of electric mobility enthusiasts online, generating a spontaneous and warm community of fans since 2018.
In April 2018, Energetica group became part of the project as an equity partner to support its research and development. Being aware of the value and potential of the product, later on we launched a crowdfunding project, which led us to produce and sell the first Prisms. This then led to the birth of Silla Industries in January 2021 with its 10 staff members.

Even though we are talking about a brand new company, Silla Industries has already won the proclaim launched by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission for Smart Living for an international co-development and experimentation project in which is going to provide its own know-how, in addition to charging stations, to laboratories in Ispra (VA) and Petten in the Netherlands in the months to come.

Alberto Stecca

Alberto Stecca, CEO

Since I was a child I fell in love with cars, spending my days in the family car showroom. I have always been passionate about connecting relationships between the various parts that build every kind of relationship, including the commercial ones, so I obtained a double degree in Economics and Business Management. For me it is important to make a difference, always pushing limits and interacting better with our customers and stakeholders. There are two encounters that changed my life that convinced me to abandon a safe career as the CEO of Vempa Auto, the family Toyota dealership: When I knew about Tesla and when I met Cristiano. So in 2016 I started a rental business: Cartender, convinced at 100% that the future of mobility is electric.

My dream is to embody in Silla Industries all that the Silla Inuit divinity represents: giving life and shape to all the ideas and projects that do not exist…yet.

Cristiano Griletti

Cristiano Griletti, Head of R&D

From a very young age I fell in love with electronics while observing my father assembling electrical circuits, at the point of dedicating my whole free time into it: I am an active member of the hacker community at an international level. Also, I have always been passionate about making, disassembling and reinventing any electronic device. Thanks to that I was capable of winning important hacking competitions in USA and in all over the hackathon world. My perception has always led me to create the world that was not there very quite yet: from drones, to 3D printers, to believing in e-cars for electric mobility. Struck by Tesla cars, I have always chosen to hang-out in the workshop or to study in front of a PC in Hackerspace and Fablab, chasing – and achieving – one dream after another. I’ve worked in some automotive companies and founded eV-Now with other partners, distinguishing myself as a forerunner among the promoters of electric mobility in Italy and Europe.

My dream is to recreate the flying De Lorean from Back to the Future to bring my every invention into the right time to bring them to life.

We chose the name Silla for our company because it represents a divinity to which the Inuit attribute the meaning of primary component of everything that exists or can also mean the vital breath and method of locomotion for any movement or change. The Inuit believe that Silla controls everything that happens in one’s life and it seemed to us the most appropriate name for a manufacturer of components behind the power supply of electric mobility.

Silla Industries