About us

Everyday we write our story united under the values that distinguish us. Find out who we are. Find out who we are


Silla Industries was born as an innovative startup which was found by Alberto Stecca – CEO and Cristiano. At the beginning it envolved a few partners/collaborators who shared the enthusiasm of actively believing in an alternative tomorrow. The number of employees ha progressively increased. Nowadays almost 40 people are part of our staff.
Our core business is the development of technological devices in favour of electric mobility (e-mobility). We are proudly made in Europe & made in Italy. We conceive, plan, design, develop and produce every single product at our headquarter.

We act in the present to improve the future. We want to provide users with products that use the management of sustainable energy sources both in domestic and working environments.

Our dream is to help people to get acquainted with new habits thanks to hardware and software that act as allies for a more conscious lifestyle.
All our proposals are devices for the charge of electric vehicles which mirror our loyalty to our values, efficiency, progress and sustainability. These characteristics make up our leading product: the universal charger of renewable e-mobility Prism.

  • It charges all the Type 2 connector vehicles
  • It charges both (BEV) and (HPEV)
  • It works with photovoltaic system and storage batteries without giving the excess of solar production to the net
  • It efficiently handles the charge of the car using only the energy left available: priority to the house and no more blackouts
  • It works in 3 different charging modalities. Among those, the Night Mode allows you to schedule the charging time during the night when energy is cheaper.


Market demands are growing due to an increasingly awareness on electric mobility. E-mobility sector is expanding and our growth is a proof of that. Those evolution do not affect the heart and the soul of Silla Industries: research and development of innovative products focused on our future.

Our uniqueness resides in our leading principle: to create products that we would like to buy, discover and use as clients. Those are future proof products because they can be upgraded via software and can acquire new functions which guarantee usage over time. All our solutions are crafted and developed to offer private users and business companies an easy and intuitive experience.

Start living the future

Two stories, one direction

Two threads that weave one story. The stories of Silla Industries founders, Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti, merge in a solid bond thanks to common and complementary interests. Alberto’s business management and Cristiano’s technical guide move in a single direction: to give shape to a different tomorrow starting from electric mobility.

Alberto Stecca – CEO

I fell in love with cars when I was a child spending my time at my family’s car showroom. I am naturally skilled at connecting dots building relationships. To make a difference is very important to me. I always want to set new goals and to interact with clients and stakeholders. Two the meetings that were going to change my life: the one with Tesla and the one with Cristiano. I resigned from my steady job at my family business to found Silla Industries giving life to an alternative future… Starting from my own.

Cristiano Griletti – Head of R&D

I fell in love with electronics when I was a very young watching my father assemble electric circuits. The passion for making, taking apart and reinventing has never left me. My vision has always led me to create in great advance a world that had never existed before. I have been struck by Tesla just like Alberto. This meeting really inspired me and drove me to what I consider my natural environments: the workshop and the Hackerspace.