EV charging for the workplace

With more and more people opting for electric cars, many workplaces are installing charging stations in their staff car parks. A little extra revenue for businesses also means a big help for their employees.

State-of-the-art perks for your staff.

With Silla Industries, you can even charge your car while at work, without it taking up company time.

Prism Solar, Solar S or Solar Twin? We can help you choose the charge point or station most suited to your business. And thanks to our protective weatherproofing, ranging from IP54 to IP65, you can also install them outside. Find out more about the features of each model.

Each model can be installed on its own, as a pair, or in a cluster (a group of charge stations) to charge more than one vehicle at a time. As staff park their cars for the whole day, you don’t need lots of power for charging. Over 8–9 hours an electric car can receive enough charge for a few days’ commute, even with relatively few kWs.

The Prism also comes with an RFID card reader, so you can give each member of staff their own card to charge their car, recording and invoicing at the end of the month with our free HoReCa service.

Alternatively you can opt for charge.to.it, so your employees can pay as they go via credit card or PayPal. Silla Industries will take care of all receipts and invoices, so you the business owner will only receive one invoice a month.

We can include charging station, installation and payment management in one complete package for staff car parks.

Charging station, installation and payment management rolled into one, no need to join a network.

Charge.to.it by Silla Industries lets you offer EV charging without belonging to a network or having to deal with customer assistance.

Find out how charge.to.it works