Hotel charging stations

Expand your range of guest services by adding electric car charging. Add another revenue stream to your business.

Broaden your list of guest services by adding electric car charging and increase your profits in the long term.

All this with a low initial investment.

A charging station at your hotel or accommodation demonstrates your environmental credentials and commitment to innovation.

With Silla Industries you can choose whether to offer one or more charging stations, installed individually or as a cluster.

You can make this service available to your guests with RFID cards or existing room key cards. We’ll take care of converting them.

There are two options for managing payments:

  • manage it yourself using our HoReCa service – free with every Prism Solar charger;
  • join, which includes one or more charging points, installation and payment management; stress free and just one monthly invoice. We’ll take care of customer assistance.
With Silla Industries’ HoReCa service you can offer free charging to your guests or add it as an extra revenue stream, where you decide the price.

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