Restaurants, shops, gyms, schools…short stops are an opportunity to increase customer loyalty and earn extra income.

Turbocharge your business. Give your customers another reason to come back.

Entice new customers and increase revenue by offering an EV charging point alongside your regular services.

We’ll provide the best solution for your needs and can also take care of payments for you.

Easy charging for everyone

Ultra-fast charging stations are essential for long journeys, but are not ideal for everyday charging due to the cost of both the equipment and the charge.

AC charging stations with an output of between 7 and 22 kW are becoming increasingly common as they are much cheaper to install and, more importantly, easy to manage.

“Trickle charging” is where a customer uses a charge point for half an hour or so, adding range to their car while running errands. Doing this throughout the week keeps the car topped up.

Naturally, customers generally choose businesses where they know they can charge their car, and charging stations complete with cable and connector like the Prism Solar let you charge your car without getting your own cable out of the boot. It’s quick and easy.
(yes, there are also charging stations with socket outlet).

The promotional opportunities are endless: you can offer free charging to customers at off-peak times, a kind of happy hour for EV drivers. Alternatively, why not offer a charge voucher for purchases over a certain amount, or to launch a new product or service.

Of course, the point of adding one or more charging stations is to increase revenue. With business owners can save time and customers can charge their cars easily at any time of day. includes charging station, installation and payment management, without being part of a traditional network.

Payments, billing and customer assistance are taken care of by Silla. No distractions, you can get on with running your business. Drivers can scan the QR code on the Prism and pay via the dedicated platform.