At-home charging

At-home charging is without a doubt the easiest, cheapest, most widespread way of charging your electric car.

Prism Basic and Prism Solar, the latter available both in single-phase and three-phase versions, are Silla’s solutions for at-home charging.

The convenience of getting home from work and charging your car, while enjoying cheaper nighttime rates, is a real advantage. As is being able to use the excess energy generated by your solar panels (should you have them) to charge your car rather than sending it back to the grid, which often sees little to no return.

All Prism models can be wall mounted in your garage or attached to a pole for outdoor parking, and are fully weatherproofed. Both Prism Basic and Prism Solar are IP65 certified, unlike many charging devices.

You can also check Prism Solar remotely via the app on your smartphone or computer to monitor charging statistics, change charging mode or update the Prism software when necessary.
NB: Remote functionality is not available with Prism Basic, which offers all necessary features to safely charge your car but is not connected to the internet.

Both Prism Basic and Prism Solar are fitted with sensors for monitoring household energy consumption and solar panel energy generation in order to control the amount of energy absorbed by Prism and avoid overloading the system.

When your family energy needs increase with the arrival of a second electric car, you can add another Prism unit with an easy reconfiguration of its interface, retaining all features.

Choose the Prism most suited to your home solar unit and installation at our online shop or contact our consultants at for assistance choosing the charging station most suited to your needs.

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