Charging for apartment buildings

Charging stations for building residents only, with payment via credit card or monthly payments using personalised cards, without needlessly complicated division of costs.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to installing a charging point in an apartment building is accurate billing.

With Silla Industries this is no longer a problem.

The presence of charging stations in residential car parks or single garage units increases the energy rating of the building.

Restricting use to residents only is easy, thanks to personalised cards and an RFID reader on the Prism cover.

Smart billing

At the end of each month, the building management can bill each apartment for the cost of their charges through the free HoReCa service included with each Prism.

The cost of each kWh is decided by the management themselves via

Go solar

And there’s more. All Silla Industries charging stations are compatible with solar energy units, using the energy they generate instead of sending it back to the grid. One more reason to add them to a modern apartment block, or one undergoing renovation, as solar charging is both sustainable and free!

No risk of meter overload, just charging.

Silla Industries’ range of charging stations includes products suited to all kinds of energy meters. Thanks to the load balancing in each Prism, the maximum power available at any moment is never exceeded so the system doesn’t get overloaded.

Charging station, installation and payment management:

Charging stations that accept payment via credit card or PayPal are an excellent solution for apartment building residents and their friends and family. Building management doesn’t have to send out statements or collect payment, and each resident can pay independently. lets you do this and includes one (or more) charging station(s), seamless installation and payment management. Find out more about