Company fleets

Charging your fleet of cars overnight in AC is the easiest, most cost-effective way to have them ready to go the next morning.
Save money and increase efficiency.

Electrifying your fleet means investing in innovative and environmentally-friendly technology. Switching from petrol to electric motors significantly reduces running costs.

A fleet of electric vehicles, whether cars or vans, requires charging. While quick charging is required for those vehicles in near constant circulation, most charging is carried out on the business premises when they are not in use, for instance at night.

In each case, the installation of AC charging points that can manage loads of up to 22kW means you can optimise your investment and running costs. With a lower initial outlay for an AC model rather than a DC, you have a more versatile, efficient solution.

All those authorised to drive company cars receive their own card so they can charge their vehicle at any of the installed charging points. You can download an itemised statement at any time from with details of charges and energy use.

Single, double or cluster: choose the right solution for your business

All our EV charging stations can be installed on their own or as part of a group or ‘cluster’ – which can charge more than one vehicle at a time without overloading the system.

If you want to make your charge points available to everyone, employees and non, you can accept payments via credit card or PayPal at any one of your stations. Anyone without a company card can easily pay for their charge directly at the station. Payments are managed by Silla Industries so you don’t have to worry about them, you’ll receive one invoice a month.

Find out more about, which includes charging station(s), installation and payment management in one package – no need to join a network.