Hey, Google! Talk to the EV charger.

Control Prism Solar with your voice through Google Assistant.

By talking to your Prism charging station, you can have the information you need to manage it with just your voice: you can set the charging mode, have it start instantly or at set times, you can charge with solar power or at night times, you can know how much energy has been charged in your car or how much was your financial savings by charging with solar power instead of using your meter’s energy.

After calling Google with the now familiar,“Hey, Google!” you will have to ask him, “Talk to the EV charger.” To his answer “Hi, this is Prism, what can I do for you?” you can start managing Prism with the voice commands below, divided by topic.
A “short” command is available for each instruction, or you can use a normal Italian phrase, try it!

Basic configuration:

There are two mandatory steps before you can start talking to your Prism EV charger:

  • you must first have installed the Google Assistant on your phone (you can find it in the Play Store or theApple Store) and you must have linked it to your Google account;
  • and you must have already registered your Prism EV charger on My Silla, because you will also need the same Username and Password credentials for the Google Assistant.

Call “Hey, Google! Talk to the EV charger” and connect your My SIlla account as required

Set charging mode

Remember that the charging modes available are the same as those that appear in the My.Silla.Cloud App, namely:

  • Normal mode (uses all available energy, solar first and if not enough also uses grid power)
  • Solar mode (uses only the excess energy produced by the photovoltaic system)
  • Night mode (charges only during the night hours set in the configurations, when electricity is cheaper. The default is from 23:00 to 07:00)
  • Pause mode (Prism is stopped, and not charging).

When Prism is waiting for voice instructions you can ask it:

  • Load in [normale / solare / notte / pausa]
  • Charging in Mode [normale / solare / notte / pausa]
  • Switch to Mode [normale / solare / notte / pausa]
  • Set the Mode [normale / solare / notte / pausa]
  • Put the Mode [normale / solare / notte / pausa]

It is also possible to ask Prism which mode is currently active:

  • Modes (or even Settings)
  • What are you doing?
  • What mode are you in?
  • What is the active mode?

Start and end from charging

If you are already certain of the charging mode set, and the charging itself had been stopped or suspended, you can always start charging with:

  • Load my car
  • Start charging
  • Start charging

Or you can stop the charge with instructions such as:

  • Stop everything
  • Stop the charge
  • Suspend the charge
  • Pause the charge

Recharging at scheduled times

After configuring the Night Mode times in the settings available on My.Silla.Cloud you can give Prism the command“Charge in Night Mode,” and charging will occur only at those times. However, there may be a need to charge Prism at different times, such as in anticipation of a trip, and so it is possible to schedule charging at different times with these commands:

  • Charge from [indicare l’ora] to [indicare l’ora]
  • Set the charge from [indicare l’ora] hours to [indicare l’ora]
  • Schedule the charge from [indicare l’ora] to [indicare l’ora]

It’s kind of like when you set the alarm clock on your cell phone, which you then have to remember to turn off :-), and in fact you can eliminate this scheduled charging by giving Prism the command:

  • Cancel scheduled charge

Instead, to check which programmed recharge is already set use:

  • How I planned to recharge
  • How is the charge programmed?

Energy and Sessions

Prism also knows how to provide useful information about the amount of energy sent to the car by taking it from the grid or charging it with solar energy (of course, if there is a photovoltaic system):

  • How much have you loaded so far?
  • How far along are you with recharging?
  • How much did you load in this session?

And in addition to information about the current charging session, you can also ask Prism for the total since it was installed:

  • How much have you loaded from the beginning?
  • How much have you loaded to date?


If you have a photovoltaic system, you can use the excess solar energy produced to recharge your car instead of using energy drawn from the grid, and Prism knows how to calculate your savings. Try asking him :-):

  • Saving
  • How much have I saved so far?
  • How much am I saving with solar?