Car cable

180,00205,00 VAT included

5 meter AC charging car cable with 2 Type 2 connectors for public AC (alternating current) columns. It withstands currents up to 32A both for the single-phase version (i.e. up to 7.4kW) and for the three-phase version (i.e. up to 22kW).



Each Prism charger is already supplied with a car cable of suitable section for charging an electric car which is available in a length of your choice between 5 or 7 meters. But the public charging stations in AC (alternating current) are NOT equipped with a cable.

This means that to recharge an electric car at a public AC column it is necessary to have a charging cable on board. So, this is the easiest solution. You can choose between the single-phase or the three-phase version depending on the on-board charger of your electric car. In any case the cables are 5mt.

Both versions withstand currents up to 32A: up to 7.4kW for the single-phase version and up to 22kW for the three-phase version. This cable is suitable for all cars that charge with a lower power.

However, with a three-phase cable it is possible to charge a car equipped with a single-phase on-board charger at an AC column. Even if it is not strictly necessary to buy it now, it could be a good investment for the future.