Charge an electric car with a photovoltaic system

Is it better to give excess energy produced to the grid .. or use it to recharge your electric car?

Charge an electric car with a photovoltaic system

If you have a photovoltaic system, as you already know, the excess energy you produce is sold to the electricity grid. Either in the case of a plant in complete transfer or in exchange on site, the economic advantage you get is very low, almost not worth it. Prism is the perfect solution, because it gives you the choice of using the excess energy produced by your photovoltaic system for charging the electric car. Whenever and However you need to

In fact, in Solar operating mode, Prism uses a sensor to monitor your electricity consumption and the production of your solar system at any time, so the energy that is not used for fulfilling your home consumption needs is used to recharge the batteries of your electric car, instead of being sent to the electricity grid.

All Prism models are supplied with this sensor and even if you don’t have a photovoltaic system right now you can always add one later, and Prism will be ready to help you save energy and money without having to modify a thing. Cool right?

Photovoltaic system and power grid working together

There is also another very smart feature of Prism: one that integrates the energy production of a photovoltaic system with a minimum amount of energy taken from the grid. For example, if: your photovoltaic system is too small; during winter time solar energy production is lower, your average home consumption is too high to have enough spare solar energy to recharge an electric car only with the photovoltaic system; then you can configure Prism to still draw a certain amount of energy from the grid when the amount of solar energy produced is not enough. The amount of energy taken from the grid in addition to solar energy is up to you. You can configure it like so, anytime you need to, it’s quite simple.

Maximum power draw from the grid in solar mode

This balancing configuration of the charge also works in the presence of an energy storage system such as Tesla Powerwallor other manufacturers. Prism and the storage system work synergistically to make the best use of solar energy production and to minimize your electricity consumption obtained from the grid.