Energy Storage Systems

In case of systems equipped with an energy storage system, Prism regulates its behavior according to the way it is installed.
Basically, the energy storage system will always try to keep its sensor reading at 0: charging the battery if it detects a negative value indicating an energy export to the grid, or feeding energy if it detects a positive value indicating an energy import from the power network.

Prism in Solar mode uses its sensor according to the same principle, however it cannot feed energy into the grid. Therefore, there are Two possibilities:

Prism with storage priority

Silla’s Prism charging interface

In this case, the energy storage system will not detect Prism’s consumption.

  • In Solar mode, the storage battery will be charged first; once it reaches 100% and a grid feed greater than the minimum threshold is detected, Prism will start charging the vehicle. ione in rete maggiore della soglia minima, Prism inizierà a caricare il veicolo.
  • In Normal mode, Prism will not withdraw energy from the battery, but only from the grid and from any excess of solar energy when the storage’s battery is fully charged. The consumption of Prism will not be detected or counted by the storage system. The consumption of Prism will not be detected or counted by the storage system.

Prism with car charging priority

In this configuration, Prism will have the solar energy consumption priority over the energy storage system, which will start charging only when the car stops charging because the battery is charged, or due to limits set by the user.

When the energy from the photovoltaic system is not enough, Prism it will only draw energy from the energy storage system in Solar mode, or from the energy storage and from the grid in Normal mode, up to the current limit set by the user.