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Silla Industries partners with ParkinGO for ev charging stations

Italy’s leading network of parking and rental facilities at airports, ports and railway stations chooses Prism Solar to offer its customers even more convenience in the form of an EV charging service, allowing them to park their cars safe in the knowledge they will be fully charged on their return

Padua, June 2023 – Park, hire and now also charge your vehicle: this is the new service offered by ParkinGO to the more than 3 million customers who choose the company each year, thanks to its partnership with Silla Industries.

The agreement between the two partners has the commendable aim of reaching an ever-growing market of supporters of electric mobility: on the one hand is the Padua-based e-mobility startup, launched in 2021 by brilliant entrepreneur Alberto Stecca and technology expert Cristiano Griletti – listed by the Financial Times as one of the 80 fastest-growing European companies – on the other, the leading Italian and European provider since 1995 of long-stay off-airport parking, with a network of more than 90 facilities at major airports, ports and railway stations.

Market data indicates that the coming summer season will be fairly busy, especially at Italian airports, which expect a 13% increase in Italian travel to foreign destinations (Enit estimate based on Data Appeal and Unwto data) and over 1.5 million incoming tourists, mainly from the US, France and Spain (“Holiday Barometer” research by Europe Assistance). How can they best be served? ParkinGO decided to work with Silla Industries to enhance its services and cater for the growing market of electric car drivers and eco-friendly consumers.

Launched in late 2021, today the project includes Prism Solar, the flagship product from Silla Industries that charges vehicles using photovoltaic energy and regulates charging to prevent grid disconnection, in more than 25 electric charging stations at major Italian airports, from Milan Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio in the north to Fiumicino and many minor airports including Bergamo, Bologna, Pisa and Olbia. The plan is to add a further 20 stations by the end of this year and install charging columns in all the remaining ParkinGO sites, with excellent options for customisation and replication.

“We immediately found common ground with Silla Industries: we knew right away they were the right partner for this project, both because of our shared values regarding sustainability and their professional expertise and excellent technological solutions”, says Tommy Tognella, CTO of ParkinGO. “The ability to connect to Silla’s technology via proprietary APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is a huge advantage that will allow us to improve our internal management and enhance the experience of our customers”.

parkingo chooses Silla Industries to implement charging to parking service
By partnering with ParkinGO, travelers will be able to park the electric vehicle for as long as they need and find it charged when they return

Thanks to its ability to design and share bespoke software components, Silla Industries is able to offer ParkinGO the opportunity to customise and upgrade its in-house management system, thus improving administrative processes and customer experience through the availability of accurate reports and information on charging status and kilowatts delivered.

“Our project with ParkinGO is important for a number of reasons”, adds Alberto Stecca, CEO of Silla Industries. “From a technical standpoint, the specific needs of the network gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the unique features of our product and the high level of technological expertise that characterises our company. But most of all I firmly believe in the value of this collaboration in making electric mobility more accepted in our country, by the provision of more charging points. This is something that still puts many car owners off, when otherwise they would be embracing this option”.

Silla Industries

An Italian startup founded by Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti in Padua, Silla Industries operates in the e-mobility sector with a team of almost 40 professionals. The company develops and manufactures innovative technological solutions for electric mobility and to improve energy management, both for consumers, with own-brand products such as Prism, and with custom solutions for major Italian and global groups like Repower.

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