Next stop: Munchen – Silla Industries goes to Power2Drive

Silla Industries takes part in Power to Drive, the international event dedicated to electric mobility

Power2Drive: more energy for future mobility

Power to Drive is the event whose core develops around the e-mobility branch; this year its special focus is on ev-chargers. This exhibition is considered a meeting point for producers, suppliers and business clients belonging to the world of smart automotive; obviously, a part of the appeal that makes it stand out is its international nature. Silla Industries promotes its worthy product, the range of Prism Solar , and also a new arrival: Energy Hub 149.

Every aspect of e-mobility is on display

The event shows off every aspect of electric mobility industry holding wide appeal to sustainable mobility opportunities. Especially recharging products, which could be seen in person, observing all their features and letting the creators be the guides of this experience

We believe that leading the user to a conscious choice of his new e-car and of its charging device should be the engine that moves every leading industry in this sector as well as our responsibility. This is why we are really keen to take part in this venture. Among Power to Drive stands we will join with all the protagonists of sustainable mobility, ready to discuss and be inspired by the success stories of the ones who share our vision.

Thanks to Energy hub 149 we are winning the challenge of future

In addition to all range of Prism Solar , the smart charging station that offers the user the possibility to charge the car using 100% of solar energy, we are going to introduce a new arrival. Energy Hub 149 holds the real essence of every product branded by Silla Industries, that means realising future proof solutions.

To the point that we are moving up the future. Thanks to its technical features Energy Hub 149 reveals mechanical engineer trends on the matter of automotive, proposing a pioneering solution to one of the smart mobility challenges: bidirectional recharge of electric vehicles. Better known as V2G and V2H this charging mode represents the synergy between the car batteries and the domestic electrical system which will allow the passage of the energy collected by the car to the house for domestic consumption. Starting to arrange the production of just one manager to handle consumption and connectivity means to take a step forward aimed to lead the trends and the market.

Among the interconnected events there is also an initiative dedicated to ambitious and disruptive projects

Simultaneously to Power to Drive exposition there will be Power2Drive Forum and Solar Forum; both meetings will be focused on important topics concerning electric mobility and they will be carried out by remarkable players of this branch. Among those parallel initiatives there will also be a moment just for rising companies that are going to display disruptive and never-before-seen projects. This is the case of Silla Industries making the debut with Energy Hub 149. Our CEO Alberto Stecca will participate as a speaker at the Start Up Stage.

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