Silla Industries’​ products, compatible with renewable power technologies, take the stage at Rimini’s K.EY exhibition show

From March 22 to 24, we will be at K.EY at the Rimini Expo Center. Come to see the new proposals for recharging using renewable energy resources.

From March 22-24, we will participate in the international exhibition dedicated to renewable energy: K.EY, at the Rimini Expo Center Hall B3, Booth 200. This year we will again provide vehicle charging solutions for the public to discover and learn more about, which are the result of our research and development, and also close to be produced.

K.EY – The event

The event of international scope features exhibitors and fast-growing brands whose proposals moderate the debate between technology and a discerning, knowledgeable audience. In fact, the expo involves all the leading companies in 6 main areas of renewable market and development:

  • Solar
  • e-Mobility. In the e-mobility area you will be able to find our stand
  • Hydrogen
  • Efficiency
  • Wind
  • City
K.EY Expo
Appointment March 22-24 in Rimini at K.EY the international trade fair dedicated to renewable energy sources.

Charging an electric car at home, staging hi-tech innovations

Home charging stations are increasingly high-performance yet easy to use, amplifying charging opportunities without relegating them to on-street recharge-power.

The wallbox charging stations, preferably if they manage photovoltaic power, enable people who drives electric cars to create a green and convenient consumption management system in their homes, including electric car charging.

As for Silla Industries, the products featured in the exhibition will be the entire Prism range and 3 exclusive new products.

Cordless wallbox, Prism evolves

The Prism range, currently consisting of Prism Basic and Prism Solar, is being enriched with a new offering:

  • Prism Solar S: a new version of our highest-performance ecar charger, so it has no cable and therefore no connector.
prism solar exposed a K.EY
An exclusive render of the all-new Prism Solar S that enhances the range of the renowned electric car charger.

The offer also expands for the business world

Business ideas are also being renewed. Along with the two hi-tech devices that have already debuted at the Paris Fair last October, at K.EY we will present a brand new one.

  • Totem: first-of-its-kind innovation for AC charging of electric cars, even in semi-public environments.
  • Energy Hub 149, the energy management center, great for an apartment or small business with photovoltaic systems and battery storage
  • Duke 44, the two-way DC electric car charger that manages V2G and V2H.
Totem: the latest product for business by Silla Industries
Preview image of Totem, the monolith-like-electric car charger for semi-public environments

Appointment with CEO Alberto Stecca at ANIE conference

On March 24, the CEO of Silla Industries – Alberto Stecca will participate in a conference organized by ANIE Federazione, of which we have been a part since 2022.

The title of the conference is, “ITALY TOWARDS THE ELECTRIC TRANSITION: SUPPORTING TOOLS AND A GLANCE AT EUROPE,” while Alberto Stecca will lead a speech about,“Subsidies and Measures to Support Charging Infrastructure.”

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