Klimahouse 2022 Bolzano, Silla Industries is among exhibitors

Silla Industries is among Klimahouse exhibitors See you in Bolzano from May 18 to May 21 to talk about sustainability in construction industry and to introduce a big news!

Klimahouse- “To build well, to live well”

A house as a smart place to manage environmentally-friendly consumption is the vision of tomorrow’s living promoted by Klimahouse Exhibition 2022. The renewed event with an expert and informed audience and with more than 36.000 visitors from all over Italy will be held in May for the first time, precisely from the 18th to the 21st. Throughout the 4 days exhibition, more than 100 speakers and 150 related events will liven up the leading Exhibition for sustainability in construction.

Smart and aware- a preview of tomorrow’s living

To wrap someone in a modern domestic environment means offering a high-energy performing home that can properly answer to the future living needs, including the necessity of recharging the electric car at home. Klimahouse gives plenty of space to innovation and to young companies that are transforming the way we produce and consume energy, just like we, Silla Industries, are doing. Silla Industries fits perfectly in this context. It brings to the exhibition all the innovation of one of our leading product, Prism Solar RFID, and also an absolute novelty: Energy Hub 149, a versatile and multifunctional solution that fully satisfies future living necessities.

Come to know Prism Solar RFID & Energy Hub 149

Prism Solar RFID is a smart charging station that recharges, manages and communicates. There are three different charging modes. Among these there is the Solar mode that uses only the excess solar energy produced by a photovoltaic system, that manages home energy consumption in order to prevent power failure and that communicates with the user by the dedicated app.

By introducing Energy Hub 149 we win the challenge of the future: to offer users a versatile and complete device, so much so that it anticipates what will be the mechanical engineering trends of the coming years. Thanks to its technical and functional features, Energy Hub becomes the only centre for energy management and for communication of tomorrow’s homes. A true manager of electricity consumption that interacts with the meter, the photovoltaic system and the electric vehicle playing the function of car charger, hybrid inverter and router for the Internet connection of the whole house.

Two future proof products, thought and created following the principle that leads us and that we proudly present on this important occasion.

To requalify is worth it

An exhibition such as Klimahouse becomes even more important in the presence of incentives for building’s energy requalification such as Superbonus 110%, which allows towed interventions like the installation of charging stations alongside leading interventions. In this context it is important for both final customers and business customers such as real estate developers who want to create tomorrow’s buildings to meet manufacturers in person. Prism, in both its Basic and Solar version, proves to be a valid choice if installed in exclusive domestic contexts or in contexts accesible to more user, like a building car park.

As is well known, the energy efficiency of buildings is a variable that is becoming increasingly important in the landscape of sales and of new construction of residential units. It can strongly influence the final price and the owner’s quality of living, as much as that of the community.

We will be in Bolzano to delve deeper into the topic and to meet you in person, will you come to visit us?